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Hi, I’m Lucy. A mum of 3 kids 4 if you want to include my hubby, and we have 4 grandkids so far. Besides the love for my family my second love was playing sports and living life in the harsh climates of tropical Australia.

After years of sun tanning and doing all those stupid things when kids, the signs are starting to shine through and now I want to share with you what has worked for me and hopefully for you to.

Hi there,

And welcome to bestskinwhitenercream.com—Your home for everything website hosting related and where we strive to help you find the right skincare for you and save some money as well.

Who am I?


Hi there, my name is Lucy Chase, and I’m the resident blogger here on bestskinwhitenercream.com and extremely OCD about getting the best stuff at the best possible price.

Other than blogging, I’m in a married mum of 3 kids, a lot of the time feels like 4 including my hubby as well as 4 grands kids and hopefully more soon too.


After living the life in Australias harsh sun environment my skin is showing the signs of wear and teat, age spots, crows feet you know what I mean.

After trial and error I have found a solution that works for me and may work for you.

Not only that I have reviews other skincare products and compare them to others.

We hope that you enjoy and support my website!