Meladerm: Best Hyperpigmentation Cream For Dark Skin?

Everyone wants perfect skin, and while some are blessed with it straight out of the womb, most of us have to work bloody hard at it to keep a clear an smooth complexion, and I was one of them

Growing up, most days I wished the earth could swallow me up.

My forehead and right side of my face were affected by pigmentation and if that wasn’t enough through my teens, birth control pills, unbalanced hormones changes and to top it off my face copped a beating with acne from it all.

Through my entire school years, I wasn’t one of those popular kids at school.

Far from it.

Fighting my acne dilemma, having already a face that has multiple colors of pigment, was easy for scary movie parties, not like that I ever got invited to one.

I’ve never been a size 6 either but I wasn’t ever obese.

To me I was normal but I still got picked on about it.

The sarcasm, the jokes, and name calling were starting to take its toll on me, I knew I had to do something about it, as if this is life then it sucked and I didn’t want it.

Hi there, my name is Lucy.

Today I want to share with you how after many years of trial, testing and wasting money on creams and remedies, how I can now go outside with little to NO makeup on.

Not worry about the stupid hyperpigmentation I had when I was growing up using this simple and effective cream I found.

I’m going to show you exactly how I did it in this article, so keep reading…

On this post, we’re going to be taking a look at Meladerm for hyperpigmentation cream for black skin.

We will be covering some of the features of this skin cream as well as look at the reviews of others who have purchased.

I will also show you where you can purchase this skin cream from at the best price with fast free delivery service.

You also want a cream that is safe to use, proven to work and is well priced good value for money.

If you are in a hurry you can click on the link below and go straight through to our review on Meladerm Hyperpigmentation Cream which is also our top choice for the best skin whitening cream.

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If you’re still here then let me show you why Meladerm Skin Cream is the best cream for dark skin and hyperpigmentation.

Best Hyperpigmentation Cream For Dark Skin:

If your searching for a great skin cream that will work on dark skin for any kind of pigmentation and scaring then we highly recommended Meladerm for Hyperpigmentation cream by Civant Skin Care.

Their cream has been designed and formulated to help with acne scarring, whitening of underarms, inner thighs and pigmentation of the skin.

The Meladerm cream will give you the effects and results you are seeking. Therefore not needing to waste any more time testing other products and saving money by using a cream that works.

There are a lot of other creams out there that are cheaper and dearer than Meladerm but with a lot f them you need to be careful.

Not saying all but to keep costs down a lot of skin care products use cheap bulking agents to fill the product out. Nasty chemicals like:


Hydroquinone was the standard ingredient for skin lightening treatments. Over the years we are to believe be the safest and most effective treatment for hyperpigmentation, including age spots, melasma, sun damage and other discolorations.

New research now suggests that there’s been some side effects associated with long term use of synthetic hydroquinone.


Many dangerous skin lightening products are imported from countries where legal regulations are not thoroughly enforced. One of the most dangerous ingredients found in these products is mercury.

Though use of mercury in skin care products is illegal in the United States, many skin lightening products still contain this extremely toxic ingredient.


Topical steroids are also found in various imported skin lightening products. These steroids do have their uses like in prescription based ointments.

As a safety measure you shouldn’t use steroids without the supervision of a medical professional. Improper use of steroid based products can lead to the thinning of treated skin, stretch marks, infection and other serious side effects.

All of Civant Skin Care products use all natural and extracted ingredients that are safe to the end user, YOU.

With none of these harmful ingredients, Meladerm Skin Cream is safe to be used on a daily basis for the use of uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, melasma & chloasma.

Civant Meladerm Reviews

If you are looking for a non-bias review on Meladerm Civant skin cream you can click on the link below for our full in-depth review. In the review, you will learn why Meladerm for hyperpigmentation cream is the #1 best selling skin correction cream.

Not only will you get our reviews but also reviews and opinions from others just like you who were skeptical, have tried many other brands and not get the results as promised.

Not only has this product been voted best skin lightener for the past few years, but it has also been proven to work for fine lines, aging wrinkles, melasma and to heal acne scars.

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Meladerm Pigment Correction

Just of late in case you missed it, Civant went and changed the name of Meladerm for hyperpigmentation to now its called Meladerm Pigment Correction cream.

It’s still the same formula with all-natural ingredients and free of harsh and nasty chemicals like hydroquinone and sulphates.

The main reason why the change is Civant has released some pretty awesome new products to work in conjunction with the best selling skin whitener to bring you a complete skincare routine. To see more about their complete package check out the special new customer offer below.

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Does Meladerm Work For Black Skin


Civant Meladerm Cream Where To Buy?

Meladerm is only available online or very few selected outlets. We recommend purchasing from their official website that way you will get the real deal and not a fake.

You will get the best prices, free insurances on all USPS shipments and cream that you know works and will love.

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