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Removing Pigmentation From The Face permanently: Something That Finally Works!

how to remove pigmentation from face permanentlyHi, my name is Lucy. In this post, we’re going to take a look at how to remove pigmentation from face permanently.

I’m from Australia, one of many countries that has some of the highest rates of skin cancer and sun damage in the world.

From being naive and silly I have a lot of pigmentation on the face from it.

Today I want to share with you how to remove pigmentation from face permanently so keep reading…

When I was growing up I spent my childhood and adolescence in the harsh Australian sun with little to no suncream.

I’m talking the days when tanned skin is the norm! Laying in the hot sun coating yourself with coconut oil, having competitions to see who can get the brownest amongst us all.

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I’m a pale skinned, white female with sensitive skin in my early 40’s now.

My skin holds the stories of years in the sun doing dumb things when younger with hyperpigmentation on my face, hands, and chest.

In addition to this, when I was on the pill I had bad acne that lest scaring on my jawline and after two pregnancies, I had melasma on my cheekbones and forehead.

I was a spotty mess lol.

My younger days are costing me lots of money to try to cover my spots up.

You name it I tried it. I did get rid of some of my hyperpigmentation this way which was great.

For the remaining melasma and hyperpigmentation, I moved onto Kligman’s formulation with little to no success.

I tried many other creams that, flat-out, did not work for me.

I was tired handing out my hard-earned cash on creams and lotions that promised me to remove my pigmentation and acne scars from my face permanently, but all I did was waste money and got a cupboard full of stuff that didn’t work.

So I decided to see what good old Google could do for me. So I typed into big G, how to remove pigmentation from the face permanently once and for all?

I must have spent hours researching and found a bunch of websites with all these weird and wonderful ‘cures’ but it was a Facebook group I came across were a bunch of people were talking about Meladerm Skin Whitening Cream.

A lot of the ladies were really praising it so I jumped on their website and read this page…….

I must have read every post that was on there about it.

Everything just made sense and asking a few questions with their email support I decided to give it a try.

The price was affordable and they shipped to Australia so I thought, what the hell?

It’s worth a shot. Who knows right?

It might help a little bit and a little bit is better than nothing.

Of course, I was skeptical. I’d heard all these crap promises before.

You can check out the website here.<<<<

I took photos of my face, hands, and chest and started, morning and night, to apply the cream.

Still applying sun cream, a habit I have had for the past 6 years. Yer I know the damage is done but at least I can stop from others I hope.

I had some sensitivity on my chest so I only applied the cream every third day in this area.

There was no sensitivity in any other area.

After 4 weeks I saw a slight reduction, going from the starting pictures, I was sure of it!

I kept going, encouraged by this initial result.

Jumping back on to there website and it does say best results in 2-4 months but from what I’ve seen in a few weeks it looks good.

I purchased another one so I didn’t run out.

meladerm before and afterThe second month was remarkable. The largest patch of melasma was almost gone!

I took a photo and compared it to my original photo. Yes!

It was undeniable. I was not mistaken.

I still had pigmentation spots but almost all the melasma was gone.

The hyperpigmentation was reduced though so I kept going.

It’s been 3 months now and the hyperpigmentation is very light in color.

I’m about to order my third bottle. My skin has never been clearer in 15 years!

I am confident it will all be gone in a few months if it keeps reducing at this rate.

I can’t believe it.


If you are considering this, you need to stick with it.

This stuff really does work.

It’s the best product and has made a huge difference to my confidence.

I no longer care if someone sees me without makeup. I am incredibly grateful to the makers of this product.

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I’m so glad that I did because now I have my full confidence back again.

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