Best Skin Lightening Cream for HyperpigmentationIf you’re looking for the best skin whitening cream for hyperpigmentation and melasma then you’re in luck. Because today that is what this post is about.

I’m going to tell you what the best cream for hyperpigmentation is, show you results and reviews from others who’ve used it and where you can get yours from too.

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Today I want you to meet a friend of mine Melanie.

Mel, for her entire life, has been self-conscious due to her hyperpigmentation on different parts of her body, elbows, underarms, inner thighs( just to name a few).

We will get back to Mel in a bit, but first…

Best Skin Lightening Cream for HyperpigmentationHi there! My name is Lucy, a married mom of 2 boys and work at home beauty therapist.

Today I want to share with you after years of trying just about every cream on the market, I have finally found what I think to be is the best whitening cream for hyperpigmentation.

I’m going to tell you exactly what it is and how to use it in this article, so keep reading.

I first meet Mel around 6 months ago through a mutual friend of ours and once she knew about my own battles with hyperpigmentation that was when she came and saw me.

Just to bring you up to speed with Mel here is a bit of a run down and what she has done and what we have eliminated.

best skin whitening cream for hyperpigmentation

Mel is the perfect weight for her height, so we know it’s not weight related; hereditary? Perhaps.

She has tried countless skin bleaching creams, whitening soaps, & even tried chemical skin peels and none of them ever worked.

She had even burned herself and scarred the skin due to the stupid chemical peel.

That was when her researching for more alternatives and talking to our mutual friend is how I came about and here we are.

She pops over to my salon and we went through a few things and I told her about my experience with other products and creams too.

Of course at first, like we all are Mel was very hesitant on purchasing due to a few things.

Price as Meladerm skin whitening cream isn’t the cheapest on the market but hey if it gets the results I’m all in for paying for a product that works.

After showing Mel all the reviews on… official website of others who were just like her, I and you get the same results as promised.

Let’s just say now that Mel is on her 3 bottles of Meladerm cream, has seen with her very own eyes life-changing results from a part of her body going from dark brown to her natural bronzed skin color.

Mel is no longer embarrassed to wear shorts, bikinis and even short sleeve tops are a joy to wear as her self-esteem is the highest it’s ever been.

Check out the difference in Mel below. She has come along way from when we first started and I am so proud of her and she owes it all to Meladerm Skin Cream…

Best Skin Lightening Cream for Hyperpigmentation

Mel has even got her mom on to it who has a lot of sun spots all over her body from spending most of her childhood and adolescence in the harsh sun with little to no suncream. But we will save that for another time.


Mel is just one of the thousands of women who have had great success and found that using Meladerm skin whitening cream hyperpigmentation to help with their skin discoloring and pigmentation has been her best decision ever.

Mel can’t stop thanking me enough for what I’ve done for her and her self-consciousness.

If you’re having trouble with skin discolor, hyperpigmentation or melasma, I highly recommend checking out Meladerm Cream by Civant Skin Care 

I’m so glad that I did and so are hundreds of my clients who are seeing great results ?